How My Passion Began

Sofie Seyah, marine scientist turned artist, creates works in watercolour and ink, from her home studio, where the desert meets the sea in Denham, Gathaagudu (Shark Bay), Western Australia. Her illustrations draw you into a water-coloured world, uniquely blending scientific precision with creative expression, inspired by a life in and beside the ocean. In their movement, detail and vibrancy, these scenes colour-burst into life.

More About Me

Her enthusiasm for sea-themed adventure and art was borne of a childhood by the Indian Ocean. If she wasn’t in the water frolicking and snorkelling with the fish at Mettam’s Pool, she was on the beach sketching the sunset. Embarking on a journey of education in environmental management and career in marine science.

Transition to Art

Upon entering motherhood in early 2015, she acted on an instinct to change tack – to develop and expand her ever-increasing artistic practice. Delving into watercolours has become her calm bay of creativity amongst the rolling and pitching waves that come with parenting. If she could paint all day, every day, she would.

Commitment to Environment

Committed to creating artwork that comes from a place that respects and protects the environment,

Sofie is also a Pearl Business Partner of the Australian Marine Conservation Society to which she donates a portion of art sales. With sustainability at the core of her business heart, she carefully considers the materials of her art products, packaging and where they are produced to minimise her carbon footprint. She likes to support fellow small businesses, develop great working relationships with them and keep things as local as she can.

Life in Shark Bay

Born and bred in Perth, ‘The Bay’ (Shark Bay) now feels like home to Sofie. It’s remote, ruggedly beautiful and is a constant source of inspiration for her work. On any given day, you’ll find her on or in the ocean, cruising with her two ‘spirited’ rugrats, handsome hubby and fur baby Yindi (Diggy Dawg). Sharing her enthusiasm for art with her local community she also coordinates art workshops and events as President of the Shark Bay Arts Council.

Artistic Inspiration

Inspired by a profound sense of wonder and curiosity, Sofie’s work tells intricate stories, sharing her deep connection to marine life and her passion for its conservation. Her pieces serve as a call to protect these magnificent creatures, ensuring their beauty endures for future generations.

Artistic Purpose

Each of Sofie’s drawings tells a unique story, inspired by the ocean. Her art aims to foster love and protectiveness for marine species. When you purchase her artwork, she hopes it compels you to contribute to their conservation for future generations.


Sofie’s creative journey is also shared with some of her dear friends and collaborators, from bespoke porcelain cups with South Fremantle’s Beste Ogan, to vibrant neoprene picnic blankets with Pink Lake Road Australia and fun textile designs for Ocean Remedy’s sustainable swimwear.

Sofie’s most recent blog posts

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