Elasmobranchs of Gathaagudu (Shark Bay) – Original Ink Illustration

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Elasmobranchs of Gathaagudu (Shark Bay); an art piece that illustratively documents the 52 incredible species of sharks, rays, skates and sawfish of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area.

Her shape is that of thaaka (shark in local Malgana language), and specifically the majestic tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier), the keystone predator species of the bay. 

While Shark Bay is aptly named, it is actually the small nervous shark/whaler that you’re most likely to see, very visible in the large schools they congregate in the shallows of protected bays.

Since living in Shark Bay, Sofie has developed a deep appreciation for the marine life that inhabits this special part of the world, the elasmobranchs in particular. One of her favourite past times is to scout the seas of Shark Bay, looking for sharks and rays to admire.

The list of the 52 species is an amalgamation of that compiled by the Shark Bay Ecosystem Research Project and the Western Australian Parks and Wildlife Services.


Original, hand drawn ink illustration on Fabriano Aquarelle 300 GSM paper, 56 x 76 cm. Ink is archival, waterproof ink.

Note there is a limited edition fine art print series of this illustration.


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