Pied Cormorants

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The Australian pied cormorant (Phalacrocorax varius) aka pied shag is one cool bird! You’ll often see them doing this – outstretching their wings to drain off water after a big diving session.


Unlike many other bird species, their feathers lack waterproofing, meaning they become waterlogged while diving for prey (here in Shark Bay, it’s their favoured leatherjackets hiding in the shallow seagrass meadows). This adaptation of waterlogged feathers actually aids in diving because they become less buoyant (floaty), making it easier for them to stay underwater (= more fish-catching time). Post-dive, drying off their heavy, water-laden feathers is really important for ease of flying.


This isn’t their only super free-diving adaptation; they also swallow small rocks before a diving session to act as a weight belt. They then regurgitate the rocks when they no longer need them after a dive to make it easier for them to fly. 


So there’s a few good reasons to love a shag!


Original, hand painted watercolour and ink illustration on Arches cold pressed watercolour paper 300 gsm, measuring 280 mm x 400 mm. Gummed tape intact on edges (not inclusive to measurements above, to give additional coverage when framing).

Note: there are open edition eco reproduction prints of this original artwork available.


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