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Arcoiris Octopus Sticker
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Arel Turquoise Green Turtle Sticker
$5.00 inc. VAT
Buyungurra Green Turtle
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Chelonia Green Turtle Sticker
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Deep Dive Whale Shark Sticker
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Emily Juvenile Emperor Angelfish Sticker
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Lady Leafy Seadragon Sticker
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Len Leopard Shark Sticker
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Lenny Crabitz Blue Swimmer Crab Sticker
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Leo Lionfish Sticker
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Manuel Manta Ray Sticker
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Senor Octopus Sticker
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Senorita Roja Sticker
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Sylvie Seahorse Sticker
$5.00 inc. VAT
Thorny Devil
$5.00 inc. VAT
Tiger Shark
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Wally Whale Shark Sticker
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Wuthuga Dugong Sticker
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Your favourite marine illustrations just got stickier! So sticky, you can take them wherever you like and they won’t slip off – from your surfboard to your car window, laptop, lunchbox, reusables (waterbottle, coffee cups) and more. They’re bright, water-tight and love adventures.

Die cut from quality vinyl, Sofie’s waterproof stickers are your durable and weather resistant little mates. They’ll even tolerate the dishwasher! 

Each little sticky mate varies in size. Here are their measurements:

Lady Leafy Seadragon 100 mm x 82 mm

Sylvie Seahorse 100 mm x 40 mm

Deep Dive Whale Shark 110 mm x 60 mm

Wally Whale Shark 100 mm x 75 mm

Len Leopard Shark 125 mm x 57 mm

Tibor Tiger Shark 125 mm x 45 mm

Lenny Crabitz 100 mm x 70 mm

Manuel Manta Ray 95 mm x 106 mm

Arcoiris Octopus 100 mm x 48 mm

Señor Octopus 100 mm x 75 mm

Senorita Roja Octopus 100 mm x 38 mm

Buyungurra Green Turtle 100 mm x 75 mm

Arel Turquoise Turtle 125 mm x 47 mm

Chelonia Green Turtle 100 mm x 87 mm

Emily (juvenile) Emperor Angelfish 100 mm x 64 mm

Leo Lionfish 100 mm x 100 mm

Harry Humpback Whale 125 mm x 40 mm

Wuthuga Dugong 125 mm x 43 mm

Thorny Devil 84 mm x 100 mm


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