Thorny Devil Original Artwork

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The thorny devil (Moloch horridus), also known as the mountain devil, thorny lizard, thorny dragon and moloch is one of the coolest critters around. Endemic to Australia, this harmless, slow-moving anteater is pretty spectacular.


Inhabiting arid areas of the Aussie desert, they’ve got some epic adaptations to absorb moisture from their surrounding environment. My favourite, is that using capillary action, they can lie in damp soil and tiny beads of water move along the surface of their scaly skin, which is funneled from anywhere on their body, into their mouth. 


Other than that, lizards don’t get much cooler than these. You’ve really got to see one in the flesh to believe it.


Original, hand painted watercolour and ink illustration on Arches cold pressed watercolour paper 300 gsm, measuring 280 mm x 400 mm. Gummed tape intact on edges (not inclusive to measurements above, to give additional coverage when framing).

Note: there are open edition eco reproduction prints of this original artwork available.



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