Tiger Shark

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The majestic tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) – a species that I didn’t gain a full appreciation of until moving to Shark Bay, Western Australia. They’re not only beautiful and graceful, but vitally important in maintaining a healthy balance in our marine environment. I’m always so in awe and grateful of seeing them cruise the bay.


It took a while for me to paint this particular species. I’m not an artist with a to-do list of painting every marine creature out there. I have to have a personal connection or story associated with a species to give me the urge and inspiration to paint it. And with the tiger shark, for me, there’s an immense sense of awe, thrill and excitement (or quiet, wide-eyed panic when seeing them while in the water!). There’s also a healthy wave of fear and a strong feeling of respect.


So here’s my tribute to the tiger shark (thaaka in Malgana language).


Original, hand painted watercolour and ink illustration on Arches cold pressed watercolour paper 300 gsm, measuring 280 mm x 400 mm. Gummed tape intact on edges (not inclusive to measurements above, to give additional coverage when framing).

Note: there are open edition eco reproduction prints of this original artwork available.


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